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10 - the graphic novel

$20 :: shipping in U.S. only

Tony gets superpowers (yay!) but also gets trapped in a game of life and death with other people with superpowers (boo!)

Oh, The Lies I've Told

$10 :: shipping in U.S. only

Monsters, aliens, and robots accompanied by a few short stories and poems. A collection of sketches from my Instagram.

10 - issues 1 and 2

$8 :: shipping in U.S. only

Learn how Tony got his superpowers, who else is in The Game, and why rhinos visit coffee shops. See a preview of the first issue

10 - issues 3 and 4

$8 :: shipping in U.S. only

Tony's struggle to survive The Game continues as he meets increasingly deadly foes. Can Tony even trust his friends?

10 - issues 5 and 6

$8 :: shipping in U.S. only

The series comes to an exciting conclusion as Detroit is wrecked in a game of winner takes all. Who will the wizards declare triumphant?

Original Art

Prices vary :: shipping in U.S. only

Occasionally I'll put original art up for sale. Check here to see what's available.
Oh, The Lies I've Told
now available

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10 - The Graphic Novel
now available
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